Thumb and Wrist Arthritis

What is Thumb and Wrist Arthritis?

There are many bones which make up the complex thumb and wrist joints. Arthritis is a broad term which describes degeneration or destruction of the smooth cartilage which coats the end of bones. Over time, the joints become stiff and painful, and can become deformed. These changes lead to the impaired function and weakness of the wrist, hand and fingers.

How is it treated non-operatively?

Osteoarthritis of the thumb and wrist can be managed non-operatively with splints, anti-inflammatory and pain relief medication, selective injections to the affected joints, and avoidance of provoking activities.

How is it treated operatively?

If non-operative management is inadequate in relieving pain or improving function, then Dr Yu may recommend surgery. The type of operation depends on the joint(s) involved, and your specific situation and preferences. These may include operations to clean out the joint (debridement), remove the joint (excision arthroplasty), replace the joint (replacement arthroplasty), or fuse the joint (arthrodesis). Whatever your situation, Dr Yu will work with you to decide the best management and rehabilitation plan for you.

My goals as a surgeon are to relieve your pain, restore your function, and return you back to doing what you love.

– Dr Raymond Yu

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Dr Raymond Yu

Dr Raymond Yu is an Adelaide Orthopaedic Surgeon with post-Fellowship expertise in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.
He specialises in orthopaedic surgery of the Shoulder and Upper Limb with a focus on modern keyhole and minimally-invasive techniques.
Dr Yu has a special passion for:

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