Orthopaedics 360
Tailored surgical excellence

“When it comes to your orthopaedic problem, our team is focused, comprehensive and dedicated to your outcomes”

Dr Raymond Yu
Adelaide Orthopaedic Surgeon
Subspecialist Shoulder and Upper Limb Surgeon

Dr Raymond Yu

Dr Raymond Yu is co-director of the Orthopaedics 360 team, who along with Dr Chien-Wen Liew (Hip and Knee specialist) and Dr Mike Smith (Foot, Ankle and Knee specialist), provide a professional and comprehensive orthopaedic surgical service to South Australia.

The surgeons at Orthopaedics 360 are passionate in carrying out tailored treatment plans with matched surgical outcomes, using the latest in evidence based technology.

Orthopaedics 360 was developed for surgeons who share the same philosophy – one of minimally invasive surgery. Utilising the latest advancements in Orthopaedics, our Surgeons are dedicated to caring for our patients throughout their journey.

With a shared passion for preserving soft tissue. Dr Raymond Yu, Dr Mike Smith, Dr Luke Mooney and Dr Chien-Wen Liew have been advocates of avoiding damage to soft tissues, whilst achieving the goals of their patients, whether it be in arthritis care, sports injuries or functional alignment.

Being a small team is important to us, as it allows us the ability to customise our offering for each patient, and work closely with a hand picked team, from our anaesthetists, nurses, physiotherapists and general practitioners.

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